5 Tips to Cleaning Your Car

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Regularly washing the interior and exterior of your car is just as important as completing your regularly scheduled maintenance. Keeping your car clean helps protect your car against things that may eat through your paint and interior. It’s also good for inproving your resale value in case you choose to sell your car at some point.

Hand washing your car is always best. Some automactic car washes use recycled water that may include pollutants and microparticles that can damage your paint. Avoid the car washes with the big spinning brushes, those can also cause damage. Here are some tips to cleaning your car.

  1. Unstick Anything That’s Stuck
  2. Things like tree sap, bird droppings, and bugs easily get stuck to our cars. Take care and remove these before you start washing. The acid from the remains can eat through your paint and lead to the formation of rust.

  3. Wash Wisely
  4. Avoid washing your car right after you’ve been driving it. If your car is warm, the soap and water can dry before you get to rinsing it off. Also, avoid direct sunlight when washing your car. When washing, wash one section then immediately rinse.

  5. Scrub Gently
  6. Don’t be afraid to scrub a bit, espcially on the interior. For help cleaning mats and seats, use a scrub brush to loosen the dirt and vacuum to suck it up.

  7. Don’t Air Dry
  8. When washing your car, make sure you hand dry it with a soft cloth like a chamois. Air drying your car can lead to unsightly water marks.

  9. Don’t Forget the Nooks and Crannies!
  10. Use a can of compressed air or a paint brush to get the little places like air vents and the seams of your seats. Also remember to slide your seats forward and back to make sure you’ve picked up everything.

Keeping your car clean is just one way to ensure the life of your car. For all things mechanical, head over to your local auto repair center.

Written by Simon Withers

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