3 Signs That Indicate Your Car Needs Muffler Repairs

If your vehicle is running exceptionally louder than usual and not as efficiently as it used to, it may be time to take a look at your muffler. The good news is that a muffler can be repairable. And sometimes, it may be another part of the exhaust system at fault.

Before we get into the signs of a bad muffler, you should be familiar with what the muffler does. As the name suggests, a muffler is responsible for dampening engine sounds and limiting vehicle emissions. That is why you may notice the 3 following symptoms when your muffler is bad or broken: 

Sign #1: Your engine is noisy.
When your muffler stops working, it won’t be able to dampen your engine sounds as well. So instead of a quiet car ride, your vehicle will run loud when accelerating. Additionally, it may rattle when you idle.

Sign #2: Your car releases a lot of fumes.
If you notice an excessive amount of exhaust fumes, it could be your muffler that is the problem. It might have a burning smell, so be careful not to inhale too much. In rare cases, there could even be carbon monoxide present. If this were the case, you might have a serious exhaust problem on your hands.

Sign #3: You notice a drop in fuel mileage.
When your vehicle’s exhaust is not running smoothly, your car motor has to work extra. As a result, it will consume more fuel. And if your car keeps stalling, you should have a professional mechanic look closely at your muffler.

The muffler is typically found directly under your vehicle’s trunk. It is only a piece of the puzzle that makes up your vehicle’s entire exhaust system. It works alongside the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter, resonator, sensors, and tailpipe to safely and efficiently dispose of emissions. 

Every time you run your vehicle, your muffler and exhaust system are exposed to high heat and pressures. Often, these components are susceptible to rust, which can cause leaks later on in life. If you notice a change in your vehicle’s emissions process, let one of our professional mechanics take a closer look at your muffler.

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