5 Benefits of Wheel Balancing

Wheel Balancing in Raleigh, NC | Torque Automotive

Driving a car with unbalanced wheels can be uncomfortable and have negative consequences. Without proper wheel balancing, you could experience steering shake, steering issues, noise, vibration, tire and wheel wear, and overall poor driving performance. Here are five reasons why wheel balancing is vital for your car:

1. Improved Handling: By balancing your wheels, you can reduce steering shimmy and improve your car's maneuverability and overall handling. A properly balanced car ensures better control over the vehicle, making it safer and more enjoyable to drive.

2. Increased Tire Life: Unevenly distributed tire weight can cause tire and wheel wear, as well as increased fuel expenses due to increased friction. With regular wheel balancing, tires last longer, and your overall expenses for car maintenance are reduced.

3. Improve Safety: Unbalanced wheels can impact the steering system, making it difficult to control the car in some situations. Routine balancing of your wheels can reduce the risk of a vehicle accident and improve your overall safety.

4. Reduced Vibration: If your car shakes or vibrates while driving, it's a sure sign of an unbalanced wheel. Wheel balancing can reduce or even eliminate uneven tire balance and related vibration, improving your overall driving experience.

5. Improved Performance: Unbalanced wheels can lead to poor performance, loss of power, and an increase in fuel consumption. With balanced wheels, your car will perform better with improved acceleration, grip, and braking power.

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