Gas Prices Rising Again? How to Increase Your MPG

It seems that gas prices in Raleigh, NC continue to spike, especially with the national gas crisis that recently struck the east coast. Your vehicle's miles per gallon (MPG) is a key indicator of fuel efficiency and the distance a car can run before it needs to be refilled. Therefore if your vehicle isn't reaching its average MPG during the rise of gas prices, it can be a pain on your wallet.


Here are some tips to follow to increase your car's MPG:

1. Limit the use of air conditioning or heating. The HVAC system is a huge factor in affecting your MPG. It can significantly decrease your fuel efficiency if it is constantly being blasted. Try to limit the use of AC or heat whenever necessary. 


2. Minimize what you carry in your car. Items that weigh a lot are not suitable for long-time storage in your vehicle if you want to maximize your MPG. Make an effort to remove any unnecessary articles in your trunk.


3. Give your tires attention. Tires out of tread or alignment and tire pressure can affect your fuel economy significantly. So make sure you are upkeeping your tires. 


4. Drive slower. Driving at gradual speeds yields more considerable savings. Be aware that every time you ramp up your RPM accelerating, you're burning more fuel.


5. Utilize cruise control. Not only are slow speeds better, but maintaining a constant speed will help you optimize your MPG as well. Using cruise control will significantly benefit you with those long drives on the highway. 


6. Regular car maintenance. To increase your MPG and avoid wasting fuel, we suggest servicing your vehicle regularly. Get your car checked out by our certified mechanics often to ensure your vehicle is always running at its best.


With gas prices on the rise, it is undeniably necessary in 2021 to make an effort to increase your car's MPG and your overall vehicle efficiency. If you need assistance to ensure you get the best gas mileage from your car, bring your vehicle to the experts at Torque Automotive today!