How to Clean your Car's Headlights

The last thing you need when you're driving in unfavourable conditions or in the dark are dirty car headlights. It's vital to clean your headlights regularly as not only do they allow you to see the road, but they let others see you too. The grime obscuring the light coming from your car's headlights will have a big impact on their brightness which means they'll be less effective at illuminating the road.

Get your headlights back to factory fresh and to stay safe on the road with these 4 simple DIY cleaning hacks:

  1. Use car shampoo or any water-based cleaning product along with a cloth and warm water to wipe away the muck, just make sure to remove any excess residue to avoid leaving any marks. Lastly, using firm pressure, polish the headlight in a circular motion until it becomes clear and smooth.
  2. Rub toothpaste onto the headlight with a brush until the filth starts to come off. Then use warm water and a cloth to wash away the dirt and leftover toothpaste. Then give the headlights a quick buff.
  3. Apply a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to the headlights using circular and side-to-side movements. Then dry off with a cloth and give it a buff with polish.
  4. To sand the headlights, mask the area around the lens to avoid scratching the paint. Apply water to the sandpaper and lens and use very light circular motions to rub off the dirt. Keep spraying the sandpaper and lens throughout the process. Use a paper towel to clean off any plastic that has been sanded off.

Along with dirt, dead insects, tar, rubber, and other types of gunk can also impair your headlights. Stronger cleaning chemicals are available specifically to deal with heavy-duty dirt but it's important to avoid using washing-up liquid or acidic cleaning products, as these can cause more damage. If your car's headlights are still cloudy and dim after cleaning them there could be something else affecting their clarity. In this case, it would be best to try a restoration kit to fix it but if the problem is severe or persistent, it may be better to replace the headlight or seek professional help from the experts at Torque Automotive LLC.