What Kind of Spring Maintenance Does My Car Need?

Now that it’s March, we can leave the coldest months behind us. In order to make sure your car stays reliable throughout the spring, you will need to perform auto inspection and maintenance. At torque automotive, we can help you uncover small hidden problems before they can become bigger ones. 

What maintenance does my car need for the spring?

Car wash

Of course who doesn’t associate springtime with cleaning? Not only does cleaning your car maintain its resale value, but it also gets rid of the dirt and grime that may have stayed around from winter. Leslie, don’t forget to finish off your car wash with a layer of wax to protect your paint. 


Replace old wiper blades

Your windshield wipers may have warped, bent, or cracked over the last couple of seasons. Test them out to see if they still work. If you want to see through your windshield while driving through the rain, we highly advise you to replace them. 


Check tire pressure

The temperature will most likely fluctuate between winter and spring which means you should keep an eye out on your tire pressure. Tires are more likely to expand as temperature increases, so make sure you make the necessary adjustments for it to match the correct psi.


Get an oil change

Did you know that an oil change can extend a car's life by thousands of miles? It doesn’t hurt to get an oil change every several thousand miles to ensure your engine runs at peak performance. 


Recharge your AC

Though you may have not used it in the winter, you’re probably going to need your air conditioner starting Spring. The technicians at torque automotive will gladly test your AC for and check for leaks. If your A/C system lacks refrigerant, we can recharge it for you.


These are just a few of many several items you may need to take proper care of your car this season. If you are looking for reliable and quality car maintenance services, look no further than Torque Automotive. Please call or bring your vehicle to our Raleigh auto repair shop soon.