Why Is Oil Leaking from My Car?

Whether you notice a couple drops or a large, dark puddle of engine oil, oil leaks are overall a major concern. After all, your engine needs oil to operate fully. Ignoring such problems can cause extensive damage to your vehicle down the line. Today, we will discuss what are the most common causes of oil leaks in motor vehicles. 

Reason #1: Old or Poorly Installed Filter

A common culprit of oil leaks is a dirty or expired oil filter. When a filter is left in an engine for too long, it can cause engine problems. Another explanation is for the poor installation of an oil filter. That is why we recommend bringing your vehicle to Torque Automotive for a full oil change service. 

Reason #2: Loose Oil Plug or Cap

The oil cap is the best place to look for following a detection of a leak. If the plug wasn’t secured, you’ll notice a leak right away. The cap is located on top of the engine. On the other hand, the plug is underneath the engine on the oil pan. These are two locations you can easily check on your own.

Reason #3: Leaky Seals or Gaskets

Seals and gaskets can wear away over time, causing gaps that can leak out oil. Furthermore, when engine repairs are made, they need to be done with complete accuracy. Oil leaks can be traced back to worn engine components. 

To take care of your engine and ensure it gets the protection and lubrication it needs, make sure you don’t miss your oil changes. Furthermore, make sure your mechanic replaces your oil filter and changes your oil correctly. 

If you are due for an oil change, we invite you to Torque Automotive today!