Wheel Alignment in Raleigh, NC

Whether you drive an automatic or manual transmission, your wheels need regular maintenance to operate efficiently. At our wheel alignment shop in Raleigh, NC, we check your car, SUV, or truck's alignment regularly to ensure that both the front and rear wheels are oriented correctly with one another. This will help extend the life of your suspension components, improve fuel efficiency and even fix common steering issues.

Why You Need Wheel Alignment Services

When you drive your vehicle with wheels that are out of alignment, it can do a lot of damage to the vehicle itself as well as to the driver. It affects your ability to steer and control your car properly, putting you at risk on the road. It also starts to wear down your tires at a rapid rate and can damage connecting suspension parts over time.

To prevent this from happening, it is always important to have the vehicle's wheel alignment checked out by a qualified mechanic. Besides, a properly aligned vehicle can save you money at the pump and could make a noticeable difference on the way out of the garage.

Signs That You Need A Wheel Alignment

Wheels are often overlooked as part of vehicle maintenance. However, this can be changed if you pay attention to the signs that indicate your wheels are misaligned. To help, here is a list of telltale signs to be aware of that can point to needing a wheel alignment service:

  • Steering wheel vibrations
  • Drag or pull when driving
  • Noise when taking corners
  • Uneven or feathered tires

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time you visited a reliable mechanic in Raleigh, NC here at Torque Automotive.

Where Should You Go For Wheel Alignment Repairs?

Most garages offer wheel alignment services. However, at Torque Automotive, we are dedicated to giving you accurate and affordable wheel alignment services. Our technicians use sophisticated equipment to make sure all four tires are properly balanced before any work is done on your vehicle. We offer a wide variety of services including:

  • Standard Front Wheel Alignment
  • Rear Wheel Alignment
  • Four-Wheel Alignment

With over 30 years of experience, we offer a wheel alignment service that is second to none. Our ASE Certified technicians will have your wheels aligned correctly every time, despite the make or model.

Bring your car, truck, or SUV into our service center in Raleigh, NC and leave it in good hands. For more information, give us a call or schedule a visit using our online appointment form today.